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About Us

Our Story

Dartmouth Day Care Centre was created from a shared vision to create a quality program for families and children in the East Dartmouth area. We were incorporated in 1974 and settled into the basement of St. Luke’s Anglican Church on Veterans Avenue. We started out small with an enrolment of 30 children. In 1987, due to an increased need for childcare in the central Dartmouth area, we expanded to 33 Crichton Avenue. After successfully expanding and operating two full-time childcare programs, the Board of Directors for Dartmouth Day Care Centre approved the movement of the St. Luke’s program to 28 Caledonia Road in 1990. Currently, Dartmouth Day Care Centre provides quality childcare to more than 60 families in the East and Central Dartmouth areas. In 2019, we proudly celebrated 45 years of service to our communities and thank all those involved in helping build a successful organization.

Our Mission

Our Centre provides a high-quality inclusive early childhood education program that includes diversity, cultural respect for community and a holistic framework to support a nurturing environment for all children to reach their full potential. The Dartmouth Day Care Centre is a community-based organization serving the needs of families in the Dartmouth area within the rules of the Day Care Act and its Regulations in the Province of Nova Scotia. The philosophy of Dartmouth Day Care Centre is to provide a warm, safe and stimulating environment for all children in our care.

Our Board of Directors

If you would like to contact the Board of Directors please email

Angela Daniels-Drummond, Executive Director

Catherine-Laura Dunnington, Chair of the Board

George Nau, Vice Chair of the Board

Kaycee Morrison, Secretary to the Board

Kelsey Nearing, Community Representative to the Board

Emily Sullivan, Community Representative to the Board

Ashley Clements, Community Representative to the Board

Alison Landry, Parent Representative to the Board

Maria Maycock, Parent Representative to the Board

We would love to welcome your child at Dartmouth Day Care

To get started either call us on 902-434-2865 for more information or complete our application form.